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Tips for Aspiring “Fill in the blank” from Mashable

These tips are pretty useful ones that is provided by Mashable. Some of these are specific to a field, however, if you abstract them a bit, they can be applied to other fields that you are looking for a job.

Here are the main points that I pulled out from these that I have abstracted a bit. Some of the points are kind of changed in a direction that I believe is more applicable to a more general case.

  1. Prepare
    1. Understand what kind of positions you are looking for and do the needed research. Prepare your website and/or portfolio and make sure those reflect you and your work. And of course, start hitting those interview questions and get some practice interviews going in your schedule.
  2. Make Your Resume Shine
    1. Read and work on your resume. Make sure you don’t make basic mistakes such as grammar errors and spelling errors. Those types of errors say that you are not detailed enough. Also make sure that your resume stands out. I wrote an entry on this topic which you can find at “Job Hunting: Getting Noticed on Paper“.
  3. Learn People and Communication Skills
    1. If your planning to work, odds are you will need to interact with people. Learn people and communication skills. You will interact with your interviewer and if you communicate well, it will make you look better. If you don’t have these skills, it will make it harder for you to get the job because people don’t want to work with those who don’t have good people and communication skills.
  4. Don’t Fake It
    1. Know what you are talking about. If you say that you know a technology or a process, know it! You will be digging yourself a hole if you say you know but you don’t actually know it. People will ask you questions about it and it won’t take them long to figure out that you don’t know the information.

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