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Entrepreneur.com Daily Dose – How To Network Like A Pro In A Recession

Note from Jimmy Hua:

Networking is always important. Regardless of what time or year it is, or how the economy is doing. You should always take the opportunity to network with people whenever you can.

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How to Network Like a Pro in a Recession

What recession? In this economy, people don’t want to hear complaints about your business, says Ivan Misner, founder of business-networking organization BNI International. Half the people you’ll meet won’t care, and you’ll get little sympathy from the rest.

“I refuse to participate in a recession,” says Misner, who is also a columnist and blogger for Entrepreneur.

The expert networker offered this advice today to an audience of about 200 attendees of Entrepreneur magazine’s Winning Strategies conference in Long Beach, Calif.

“There are opportunities out there for us, for small-business owners, entrepreneurs. The best way to build those opportunities is through relationships with other people.”

Individuals can’t change the economy on their own. “It’s going to be what it’s going to be,” he says. “You can change your response to the economy.”

Stay upbeat and you’ll get better results when networking for your business.


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