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10 Captivating Time-Lapse Design Videos

Note from Jimmy Hua:

Websites changes. You start from scratch, design them, and then redesign them. These are pretty nice time lapses.

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The design process is fascinating, but almost always takes more time than the casual viewer can afford to invest. But time-lapse techniques can condense hours of work into a more manageable few minutes for your viewing pleasure.

From logos and websites to magazines, and from pen and paper to advanced design software packages, we’ve hand-picked 10 intriguing time-lapse videos that follow a design process. Watch to gain some insight, and see how something goes from drawing board to finished product.

If you’re a pro creative type, then let us know in the comments how the processes differ from, or resemble, your own. And if you’re an interested observer, then let us know which you found the most enlightening.

1. Tim Potter

Here you can see how an HTML5 website is created by building upon the wireframe in Photoshop – from “concept to comp,” as the designer states.
2. Leighton Hubbell

The logo design itself may not blow us away, but as a video that shows how a sketch is converted to a finished design using Adobe Illustrator, (with around four hours of work converted to a four-minute clip) it’s a great way to understand the design process.
3. Dennis Hwang

If you’re a fan of Google Doodles, then this video that shows Chief Doodler Dennis Hwang actually creating one will be a rare treat.
4. Lizzling

“For anyone who has wondered how logos are made.” This is like peeking through the key-hole of a graphic designer’s home office. The clip is made up of photos taken every 30 seconds for around five hours, as Australian graphic designer Lizzling works on logo designs.
5. Matt Willey

Crafting a visually appealing magazine page layout is an art form, and here you can see a designer at work creating a page for The Royal Academy magazine.
6. Mason Roberts

Mason Roberts offers an in-depth look at logo design from his brainstorming sketches, through a huge amount of tweaks, to the finished product in this comprehensive video that shows more Adobe Illustrator action.
7. Gail Carriger

Here, it’s a book cover that gets the time-lapse treatment. Watch and you’ll see the whole process in around two minutes. Look out for a nice touch of humor toward the end.
8. Shaun Tollerton

Here, 14,924 screenshots were captured at 15-second intervals over a year period, giving an amazing overview into how varied and various projects came together.
9. Virtua Studios

This fairly simple and quick video demos how Photoshop can be used to design the visual side of a webpage and how the page layout process evolves.
10. Peter Belanger

This is a great video that shows how a Macworld magazine cover is created from the studio photography, all the way through to the final printed mag. Anyone else amazed by how much photo editing went on? Have your say in the comments below.

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  1. Jack

    I love this. It is so awesome to see things evolve over time.

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