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5 Marketing Graphs to Send Your CMO Every Month

Note from Jimmy Hua: As we all know, graphs help us visualize data and make a correlation a lot faster. For your business, you need to keep on top of a few sets of data. By doing so, you can monitor how well you are doing as a business and be able to detect when it isn’t growing fast enough.

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5 Marketing Graphs to Send Your CMO Every Month

As we’re approaching the end of Q4, marketers everywhere are checking their stats and creating reports for management on the year’s performance.

But what graphs should you be sure to send? Here are five charts we recommend every marketer send their CMO or management every month.

1. Traffic From All Sources (And visit to lead conversion rate)

describe the image

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Which channels are producing the most web traffic for your company? Have you had a significant spike in traffic recently? Be sure to montitor your visits alongside your visit-to-lead conversion rate to ensure it’s quality traffic you’re generating!

2. Leads Generated From All Sources HubSpot Sources Tool

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Which channels are producing the most leads? Perhaps those are channels where you should invest more marketing efforts. Compare your channels too. How well is your email marketing efforts generating leads as compared to your search traffic?

3. Leads Generated from Social Media Channels

Social Media Leads HubSpot

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Having trouble proving the ROI of your social media efforts? Track how many leads you’re generating from channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slideshare, and YouTube.

Social Media Leads HubSpot

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4. Organic Traffic (And visit to lead conversion rate)

Organic Traffic Leads 2 resized 600

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You should love showing off your organic traffic to your CMO or CEO. Your organic traffic is the fruit of your content creation, blogging and social media efforts! Watch the visit-to-lead conversion rate closely too. 

Tip for HubSpot customers: Hold down your control key (or “apple key” for Mac users) and click on multiple channels on the right to compare them all at once!

5. Leads Generated from Organic Sources (And lead to customer conversion rate)

Lead to Customer HubSpot

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How many leads from organic traffic sources have closed? How many customers or clients have you won? Inbound marketing focused businesses have a 60% lower cost per lead, so the cost-per-customer should be relatively low for your organic channels. 

Bonus: Total Online Reach

HubSpot Reach

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As you’re producing stellar content and promoting your content through social media and email channels, how is your overall reach growing overtime? This is the tippity top of your funnel. The larger your reach, the more opportunity to nurture your network into website visitors and leads.

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