Jan 11

What Kind of Geek Are You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Note from Jimmy Hua: I think this is plain amusing. I believe that I am a multi-geek. I fit about 6 categories of geek. Tech-video games- world of warcraft -comic book – star trek – otaku geek

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Let’s face it: If you’re reading Mashable right now, you are likely a geek. Likewise, if you’re writing for Mashable right now, you fall under the same moniker. But what kind of geek are you, and who are your illustrious ancestors?

Flowtown has the answer in the form of the above infographic, “The Evolution of the Geek,” which gives both the history of the term (I greatly enjoy that it springs from the word “gecken,” which connotes an 18th century circus performer who bites the heads off of live chickens) and its various iterations.

Looking at the above, I would say I’m a Music Geek, a Pop Culture Geek and a Film Geek. What are you?

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