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What are some of the steps to creating a social media team?

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This is a challenging question that has many moving parts.  When thinking of large corporations, I automatically shiver because of the legal department.  Legal hates Social Media.  And for good reason, it’s honest and open communication with your customers (well, it should be.)  The steps that I would put into place would begin with…

  1. Talk with the legal department and find out what types of restrictions they are going to enforce.  If it’s going to be difficult to communicate with your customers because of this issue…you’ll need to “sell” the Director of Marketing or Director of Sales as to why this is a good idea.  In turn, they will talk with legal (this is assuming that you are not this person.)
  2. Once you’ve overcome that barrier, begin to look for stars in your organization that are not only bought in to the corporate message but can also communicate that in an effective and personable manner.  It is very important to establish a clear voice of the company.
  3. Interview them.  If you’re talking with a prospective Social Media team member that doesn’t know what a hashtag is…that’s not the right person.  If you’re looking to get started immediately, be 100% certain that this person knows their way around Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (to start.)
  4. Give your team titles.  CCO for the Chief Communication Officer is one that I like.  Social Media is a fun and meaningful way to engage your customers…don’t take the fun out of it.
  5. Give them raises.  Yep.  They will be even more inclined to represent your brand passionately and honestly if you show them the money.
  6. Hire a consultant.  Do NOT, I repeat do NOT hire an “agency” that will communicate your message for you.  It’s a waste of money.  If you decide 6 months down the road that you’re taking it in house…you have to start all over.  However, a consultant that will skype with you (or visit your hq) to learn about your goals, objectives, and reasons for getting involved with Social Media will be able to point you in the right direction.
  7. Develop a Social Media Guide (not a handbook.)  You want your team to know that they have flexibility, but from a legal perspective…you need to cover your bases.

It’s nearly impossible for me to go into more detail because I don’t know the specifics of your company or what you’re trying to achieve.  If you’re Gatorade, you have a team of 12 people monitoring multiple computer screens and forming a cohesive brand message.  If you’re ADP, you may go in a completely different direction because you’re B2B.

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