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7 Stunning Augmented Reality Business Cards [VIDEOS]

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In the competitive world of business it can be hard to stand out. A creative business card can help differentiate you from others and one way in which we’re seeing people attempt this is through augmented reality.

Augmented reality cards can provide a wealth of information including additional text, images and even video just by holding the card up to a webcam. When done right, it yields quite impressive results.

We’ve found seven great examples to share with you, ranging from a simple showcase to an entire augmented reality resume. Take a look through the video gallery below for more ideas and let us know in the comments if you’d consider this for your next card.

1. Portfolio Card

This business card serves as a mini portfolio showcase.

2. Twitter Business Card

This card features real-time Twitter updates as a clever twist.

3. Butterfly Effect Card

Genuine Labs’ “butterfly effect” business card is a high-end experience. An informal video presentation from the card’s owner really gives you a sense of personality you’d never get from an average card.

4. The Avatar Concept

Burton Posey’s creation is simple, yet fun and effective with a cool 3D avatar as well as links to find out more about him.

5. Cubed Card

This neat effort animates the card like it’s a cube. The spinning teapot adds a nice dash of Alice in Wonderland weirdness.

6. The Full Monty Card

This impressive effort combines social networks, portfolio display and even the option to call the card owner from within the animation.

7. Resume Card

The CWJobs.co.uk team took the augmented reality business card concept a step further by creating an augmented reality resume for David Woods. It’s well done and makes us wonder if this kind of presentation will become more standard in years to come.

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