Nov 16

The History Of Internet Usage And Speeds (Infographic)

Note from Jimmy Hua:

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Not a fan of infographics? Be gone!

For I felt compelled to share with you this infographic made by the folks over at Webhostingbuzz, visually showing how fast the Internet has made its way to the people of this world in the past 15 years – and how fast the Internet has become in some parts of it.

Here’s what stood out for me: the United States leads the world in broadband penetration, with Americans consuming way more gigabytes per month than Europeans or people in Japan and South Korea.

The United States only ranks 30th when it comes to downloads speeds, however, thus trailing countries like South Korea, Latvia, Andorra and the Republic of Moldova. Surprisingly, downloads speeds in the US still surpass those in the UK, Canada, Australia and Israel.

From Horseback To Bullet Train: The History Of Internet Usage And Speeds

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    This is really awesome , beneficial and precise ,thank you

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    Great post! very informative and interesting!

  3. Albert

    What is South Korea downloading?!

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