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About: Jimmy Hua

Jimmy Hua has experience in different areas and fields.

Graduated from St. Catherine’s Military Academy graduating with the rank of Sergent First class, won the leadership medal, and was squad leader.

Graduated from Don Bosco Technical Institute majoring in Computer Science. Also took intro classes in Electronics, Material Science, and Power & Transportation.

Worked as a Manager of a Real Estate Development and Construction Company. Overseen over 8 development projects from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars from research and planning, to construction, and to selling of the finished home. Worked with government officials and clients. And temporarily took the role of CEO while the CEO went on a year business trip.

Graduated from California Polytechnics State University with a BS in Computer Science.

Currently attending California Polytechnics State University studying MS in Computer Science, concentrating on Software Methodologies and Processes, and doing thesis on Test Driven Development.

Interned at Intuit Inc., working on the QuickBooks Desktop Product team.

Worked full time at Intuit Inc., on QuickBooks Online as a front end UI Engineer and developed QuickBooks Online on Mobile.

Worked as a contract at CBS Interactive on www.chow.com as a backend engineer on infrastructure and new features.

Worked full time at CBS Interactive as a backend engineer on infrastructure for video distribution for all of CBS content owned media.

You can see specifics on my qualifications on Linkedin


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